Challenger Series - Team Building Event

Challenger series - team building event

Challenger Series is our most sought after corporate outdoor team building event at Camp Mustang. The group size for participation varies from 60 � 300 in a single day.

In Challenger Series we rediscover skills that don�t require software, a power switch, overtime, battling traffic, deadlines or organizational structures. We are reminded of what is important and what is trifling. We rediscover balance, observation, patience, adaptability, perseverance, movement, rest, playfulness and breathing - we become whole again.

This event consists of a series of challenging tasks which involve team work, dedication, commitment and never ending quest for winning, testing participants both at their soft and hard skills such as Pro-activeness, Promptness, Overcoming Challenges, Problem Solving, Physical Endurance, Mental Stamina, Talent and Vigor. This 4-5 Hour High Energy event comprises of activities which varies from Construction Tasks, Adventure, Team Games, and Mind Games etc. Challenger series tasks include (Wall climbing, Rappelling, Navigation, Murder mystery, Calci, Map making, Target shooting, Amoeba walk, Tent Pitching, Clue Cracking, Tea making/Cooking, Construction challenge) and Rewards include (Trophy's, Certificate & Medals).

S.No Challenge/Activity Theme/Learning Flow
1 Ice Breaking Activities Team Identity Creation
Knowing Each Other
Thinking out of Box
2 Adventure Activities Test of Physical, Mental & Team Spirit
Stretching oneself and team
Strategy and Communication skills
Sensitivity towards customer
3 Navigation
4 Construction Task
5 Clue Cracking
6 Others
7 Puzzles Test of Intellect
Participating Together
8 Collaboration Working Together as one Team
9 Prize Ceremony Celebrating Together CELEBRATING TOGETHER

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